Custom Cookie Pricing Guide

Prices for custom cookies can vary widely, that's just the nature of infinitely customizable work. Here is a pricing guide to give you a better idea of what to expect for your custom cookie order.

Do these prices sound expensive? I get it! We're used to buying cookies made by robots and sold by the sleeve. Cookie Smut cookies are baked with high quality ingredients and every step, every decoration is done by hand and are priced accordingly. Also, I live in New York City which ain't cheap.

There are several factors that go into cookie pricing including size, complexity of design, number of colors in a cookie or set, cartoon-y v realistic and so on. Here's some of the range of cookies and their prices I have done in the past.

 $2 each

Minis (~2 inches) with simple designs, 1-2 colors per set

One dozen mini cookies in Christmas shapes with gold edible paint

 $3 each

Middle complexity mini designs


Simple minis with more colors per set


Simple small size (2.5 - 3 inches) 

Small pink ghost cookie with a paper speech bubble saying "R U Scared yet?" An array of mini cookies in an ombre of greens, blues and purples

$4 each

Simple standard size (3 - 3.5)


Higher complexity mini/small


$5 each

Mid complexity, standard size


Minis with metallic accents


$6 each